Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Workbench

Hey all,
How is everyone's week going? We have had the worst weather this week so far, cold, wet and miserable. So some sweet lil beauty's arrived this week, more of QRFs modern goodness. This time US Armoured Cav. 
The Bradley's were a pleasure to assemble but the Abrams very very meh. I think I may upgrade these later to plastic A1s with 120mm boom sticks. 
Really really want to get my hands on some ITVs next too, such an awesome looking vehicle with the hammerhead TOW launcher. 

Another purchase this week was a order of Chinese destroyers off shapeways, fingers crossed they turn out all right.

So that's it from me or now, the coming two weeks I will be updated in a lot as I have a two week holiday from my normal all day duties.



My very happy son with his new present :p

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