Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Castle Assault 2014 Epic tournement.

Greetings all.
Sorry its been awhile and I haven't really been into my hobby much of late. I did however play in my local clubs Annual Tournament. Castle Assault his held every year in October, It is mostly a Warhammer fantasy affair but this year for the first time it held an Epic tournament. We got a stunning 16 players which is a very large crowd for Epic only topped by the massive Cancon event!
I ran my Necrons after only playing them twice lol.
Now im first to admit I hate tournaments as I game purely for the love of rolling dice whilst talking shit. But this was really a lot of fun. All cool cats no dramas just a good bunch of dudes.
I came in 11th after losing 4 out of 5 games but won the best painted award.

Hope you enjoy the pics, was great fun!

First game facing Guard armoured company with a warlord :(
 Second game I faced a ork gargant mob. Won this by the skin of my teeth.
 My Army on display.
 Marines, very close and cagey game!
 Gotta have a brew with dice sometimes!
 Big turnout!
 Last game of the event!

 Accepting my loot, Thanks for the votes!
 Top bunch of guys!