Sunday, 9 June 2013

The almost begining....

So every tale must have a start this one does not start at the beginning but somewhere after.

2008, I find my self in my 2nd year of my pastry apprenticeship and bored out of my mind. As a lad growing up I had dabbled in 2nd Ed and 3rd Ed 40k, "Why not pick it up again?". I was dismayed to find it was up to 5th Ed but still jumped at painting the little mans again. My wife was both shocked and amused my sudden inner nerd blooming.

My First lot of war gaming as an adult resulted in "The Hammers of Dorn" Space Marines.

As you can see a bit sloppy bit rushed but I still look back at them fondly and regret there sale.

My Next foray was a Soviet themed Imperial Guard army. Every foot slogger was converted to carry an AK. This was also my first use of an airbrush for all the vehicles. Sadly we also parted ways.

A brief foray into DKOK

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

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