Friday, 14 January 2022

Yo Ho!


Its been a little while since ive posted but i havent been idle!

Ive been finding it easier to post directly to Instagram, so if youd like to see more regular updates gives me a follow over there.

Now onto the meat of my update. Black seas has been getting alot of love. Got the 3 frigates from the starter box finished and im about halfway through 6 brigs! Following there completion i will crack straight into the beautiful American fleet.

A little side project/ detour ive started is some American Civil War naval action! Bit of  sneak peak below.

Hope your well



Friday, 31 December 2021

Hello 2022

 Happy New Year!

Hope the dawn of a new year finds you well. Kicked off the year with completing a stand of resin printed bowman for Kings of War.

Not very pretty up close but en masse they look the biz i think.



Wednesday, 29 December 2021

So long 2021!

What a bloody year!

Greetings anyone who is still with me. Its been a while, i know and im sorry. Absolute hectic year for me, another few career changes but for the better. 

On the hobby front ive been pretty hit amd miss this year. Ive gotten a few games in at home with my son but not much else. A few non starts on 40k but ended up finding myself completely jaded by GWs business practices and the 40k community in general.

Ive carried on with my printing, having printed everything from 6mm coldwar to ancient galleys.

Proud owner of 2 dogs now too!

Looking ahead im going to try and post weekly on here to keep my motivation going. I have quite a bit to get through in 2022 both with hobby and life. I am definetly looking forward to it!

Hope you are well wherever life finds you.



Kings of war project. Resin printed.

Resin printed Battletech vehicles.
Resin printed Clan Jade Falcon trinary.

Resin printed 1/700 frigate. Used this as a test peice for my Black Sails English.

Resin printed galley. Printed out a bunch of these for a future project. This is shelved for now but will return to it.

Comrade Alexei.
Hopper the Chopper.
Yes im a sadist. Black Sails again. One of those thing i just cant get past. I love the period and ill see it through.
Not hobby but picked up this beauty on ebay.
Black Sails english under way.

Getting towled by my son at Battletech.

Actually arrived today. This is going to be my 2022 labor of love.  It is my intention to spend 2022 painting this box up followed by the Epic Napoleon game.

More resin printed Kings of war. 

Resin printed BFG.


Sunday, 21 February 2021

printer go brrrrrrrrrr

Sorry for the long delay. Easier to just post on FB, insta or rededit. Shocking i know. I wonder if the days of blogger are past?
Anyhooooo, been busy with work. Snatching hobby time when i can, rotsting between printing and painting. 
My resin printer has me wondering if GWs days are numbered? Cost me $4 to print what GW charges me $84.
Not much else to say just a big photo dump.
If your still following me, cheers appreciated!

Finished the Minotaur.
New resin printer. Game changer!
FDM printed reaver
Legit FW xmas pressie.
China man goodness!
Resin printed Imperator titan for Adeptus Titanicus.
Resin big E

Start of my Resin printed Black Templar Primaris army.