Friday, 29 December 2017

For Sotha!!!!!!

Sat down and smashes out the remaining figures for my Primaris Scythes of the Emperor force.
Pretty happy with how all these came out, the Edge highlighting is a little messy but from afar you can hardly tell. The fire Raptor will require some more work but yeah calling the force pretty much complete.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Farewell 2017


Thought id do a last post of 2017 and round up what was overall a rather shitty year for me.
Where to begin?
Well my health took a rather big dive this year, The 7 years of living a sedentary life style have caught up. High blood pressure, over weight, depression and anxiety all crashed down on me this year and led to me living a recluse lifestyle. Pretty much shut myself off or turned away all my friends and acquaintances which only further deepened my seclusion from the world. No ones fault really but my own. Burnt those bridges gotta live with it now.

Now all bad thought, got some help ,joined a gym and took the first steps along the path to a new career. Excited to see how it pans out.

In the midst of my mania i sold off all my ongoing projects, shame as they were shaping up well. After a period i took up painting again, although at a much slower pace. 40k has scratched my artistic itch for a while.

Looking ahead to next year, no pressure. First and foremost have to smash out my study. First steps along this path invigorated me and i am much looking forward to it. Hitting the gym, chose a group fitness gym so i can get fit while at the same time getting used to human company again. Strange thing being a social creature but at the act of socializing brings me very low. Small steps.
Hobbying i will keep on plodding along. I have some Primaris marines im so close to finishing, a very large tyranid force to paint, Mechwarrior miniatures to compete and i do believe i will pick up some Hail Caesar in the near future.

So, sorry for the gloomy post but hopefully this time next year i can look back, laugh and be pleased with the positive changes.

If your reading this thankyou and i wish you and yours all the best for 2018.

 Sorely miss my 18mm Russians
 6mm Mechwarrior online miniatures
 40k Knight
 Some of my latest work. Hellblaster marines
The Big E!!!