Sunday, 17 April 2016

Land Ahoy!!

Not a lot to report on the hobby front since my last post. Haven't been in the painting fever as much. I have painted up some islands for Trafalgar. Nothing too flash just quick and easier. There is a 5th larger island yet to come im just waiting on some buildings for it. Obviously i wont use them all in a game but i at least have some variation to choose from.
Up to book 10 of the master and commander series, god i love them. If you haven't read the series i cant recommend them enough. Hands down my favorite book series of any genre.
Have also started watching Sharpe which is giving me an itch to paint up a 15mm British Napoleonic army. I really know i shouldn't as i still need to finish off the Chinese. Will sleep on it a few days.
The last of my Qin Chinese have arrived, once i have finished painting the 4 french ships they may get some love.


Monday, 4 April 2016

Rule, Britannia!

Finished off the last ship this morning. Protip: Never attempt to rig a ship when you have a cold. Urgghhhhhh was a mission but i was determined to finish of the Squadron.
Name tags were also added and you may note the names have changed. Have decided this because makes sense for all the ships to be from Collingwoods Lee division at the Battle of Trafalgar.
So we now have:
Royal Sovereign 100
Colossus 74
Tonnant 80
Polyphemus 64

Up next the French and some terrain.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Heart of Oak

Just a quick update, crook as a dog today. Damn man flu, but ive managed to get some paint on the British 74.
Have done a slight deviation from the last 3, plain wood on the gunports and a black stern.
Quite peased with the outcome so far. Have also started cleaning and drilling the french squadron. Consists of an 80, 76 and two 74s.
Also on the horizon some more Qin dynasty chinese.

Cheers for visiting.