Tuesday, 14 February 2017

6mm Team Yankee

Another very productive day. Painted up a good chunk of my 6mm US Army for Team Yankee.
Miniatures are from CinC. Pretty happy with how they come out. Will by no stretch of the imaginations win any awards but they were quick and easy to get off the table.
Back on to my Napoleonic now and speaking of them, My flags finally arrived YAY!!!

Till next time,

Friday, 10 February 2017

More Russians

Finally finished another unit of 18mm Napoleonic Russians. Took a while as im easy to distract!

This unit is the Libau Infantry Regiment. All my units im painting up for 1812. Flags are still on the way unfortunately. I have 6 items on the way from overseas totaling about $300 odd worth of goods and all of it dragging ass getting here!

At the moment Australia has turned into the gates of hell so ive put my brushes down. Yes that is Degrees Celsius.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

GHQ M60A3 in Winter Verdant MERDC

Another day another tangent. Today i quickly knocked out these GHQ 6mm M60A3 and painted them up in Winter Verdant MERDC. About 3 hours work all up so not to bad a effort. These will be part of an US army force im doing for Team Yankee. Have some more goodies on the way but for now its back to Napoleonic's Huzzah!!!!



Excuse my Potato camera.