Wednesday, 26 October 2016

More Superquick HO buildings

Been busy at it this week with more terrain.
Seems to have gotten the hang of these card buildings and quite fond of them now.
Few pics  of the buildings and the tabke so far. Long way to go.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Finished BMP-2

Quick post following my last.
Finished the BMP today. Nothing special just some chipping and light weathering.


Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ukrainian BMP-2

Quick update with what ive been up to.
Finished my first Russian squad, only 3 to go!
Yesterday i started building the ACE 1/72 BTR-80A kit. Wow, what a peice of shit. Ive built some real doozies before but it takes the cake. I binned it but on second thoughts i shoukd of kept the hull for a bit of scenery.

Now i was pretty bummed after that  and listed my other ace kits for sale. But after reading some reviews i decided to try the revised bmp2 kit and was plesantly suprised.
Good fits looks alright for wargaming, crap instructions though.

Gave it a quick paintjob this morning. Far from finished and not as good as id like as my airbrush decided to die.

Anyway till next time.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Polite Green Men

Just a quick post of my first test miniature of the infamous little green men of Crimea.
Using Elhiems 20mm modern Russian range. Knocked this guy out in about 45 minutes whilst listening to some sweet sweet 80s synthwave.

Anyway till next time.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Model Power HO scale supermarket

Another post from me, What can i say? Im on a roll!!!!
Today whilst out with the family we stopped into a Hobby shop that was chockers full of great terrain. 
Picked up this great little kit from Model Power. Although it says HO which i believe is 1:87 it seems to be on the larger side of the scale id say more OO scale 1:76. 
Pretty straight forward build with yet more woeful instructions. Not 100% finished still needs a few bib and bobs but just about done.
Again some picture on the table for sense of scale.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

20mm Ukrainian militia types

Hello hello
To begin i must stress I DID NOT PAINT THESE, i picked them up on a Facebook trade group.
They were an absolute bargain and will serve well as both pro and anti goverment militia.
Couldn't help myself had to snap some pics on the table.


Superquick 20mm Buildings

Guten Tag!

Been extremely productive this week even though i feel like a steamed turd. Still working on my board and have begun the process of filling it out.
To begin with im using these Superquick HO-OO scale card buildings. They are cheap as shit($15-20 AUD) per building or for the small buildings you get 2 per pack!

The builds are pretty straight forward. Wouldn't say they are hard just more a pain in the ass. I learnt a valuable lesson today when constructing the two small buildings, Weather!
The large building i built on a warm day and it was a breeze, nice and quick good bonds with the pva. Today was wet and a nightmare, PVA wasn't drying quick enough and joins were springing open. So  ill be waiting for another sunny day to continue the other buildings.
Instructions are pretty dismal but if you have some grey matter shouldn't be a problem.

My first selection. Looking at 3-4 buildings per 2x2 tile. So only 14-20 left to buy haha.

Based on 3mm MDF. Still needs the dirt painted and some flowers etc.

 I opted to leave the chimmneys off all the buildings, I figure natural gas etc. Also im lazy.

Next to some 1:72 Matchbox cars

Cheers for stopping by, till next time.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

And on the 3rd day.....

G'day again.
Wont waffle on too much but managed to stretch my stock of flocking material to cover the board. The table also got some airbrush love to weather the colours.
Once my new shakers arrive will touch it up and blend it some more.


Moving along... Again...

Riding high on my current wave of hobby hype, i woke up and cracked ahead with my gaming table.
If you didnt already guess from my last post i am heading into the murky waters of the current Ukraine crisis.

Im hoping to build a board that represents a random down in easter ukraine but can also represent other eastern theatres.

Today i got all the texturing done. Using card for the side walks and textures laper for concrete areas. Once this had all dried a nice coat of grey primer and onto the base colours.
Tomorrow i hope to drybrush and weather it up some. Just waiting for payday to buy various flocking material.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Somethings afoot!

Been quiet for a while. Have just moved house again (i know right?) But the dust has setttled and im back at it. New place with a fantatsic hobby den for me has really given me the hobby bug.
Ill leave you some snaps of whats upcoming.

 Purchased these models on a fb bss. Painted by Mr Brand.