Sunday, 9 June 2013


So if your still with me that concludes our trip down memory lane. We are in the present now with my latest project, 15mm Cold War! The excellent blog Stopping the Red Tide is what sold me on 15mm Cold War, The amount of effort and detail that has gone into that project is awesome sauce.

My own journey with CW starts with collecting two factions BAOR and Soviet Guards. I've so far brought enough models to run 2000pts apiece and I am in the process of painting it all up. I'm hoping to get some interest at my local club. all the models are from QRF and I believe the quality is comparable to Battlefronts offerings.


  1. At the moment I'm working on a bunch of chieftains that should be finished soon. I also have a yu king infinity army that needs attention. I hope to get in the mail this week my first 1/2400 modern naval ships. But more on that later.