Monday, 30 September 2013

October already !!!!

Wow how time flies ey, Christmas draws nearer an I need to get cracking on clearin my pile of lead!

So been busy laterly painting some Infinity, Dystopian wars, working on terrain and getting side tracked playin mech warrior online. All this is in the slim amount of time I have for hobby when not chasing the kids around. 

Finally got a game of Dystopian wars in this weekend, been waiting 3 years and boy was I not Dissappointed. Such a fun game ha a blast playing it even though I got pantsed.

My African project is slowly gaining momentum with bits and pieces arriving in the mail. This beauty arrived today from Old Glory, the amount of pieces was mind boggling. The cast itself is a bit meh with some major pitting all over. But overall I'm happy.

K-Car with 20mm cannon

Angolan MPLA Troops.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Finishing up FoW

This week I have been finishing up my flames of war stuff before it moves on to its new home.
I will be sad to see it go but its replacement is on its way.
Still awaiting my 15mm African goodies, fingers crossed they arrive soon!
Also I took delivery of some terrain for my Dystopian wars table from a local friend, very nice indeed.
Lastly I had the good camera out so took some nicer pics of my 15mm flight stands.

Click for larger photos


Sunday, 22 September 2013

African Terrain

In the last two days I quickly knocked up some African buildings.
Made from Cork and card. All up cost me $20 to make and still have enough supplies to make another 16 or more buildings if I wish. The rest of the board will be bulked out in scrub and trees which im waiting to arrive from HK.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Just another quick update.

Have added new flights tabs to the butcherbird and Doe, pretty pleased with how these turned out. 

Also another merc finished, really love how these guys are coming up and the figures are fantastic!



Saturday, 14 September 2013

Khurasan Modern 15mm

Finished my first test mini today for my 15mm scifi mercs. The models are from the khurasan US modern range. Very very nice models!!!

Also ive started work on my 20mm Selous Scouts, Im really getting into these guys after reading a fair few books on the Rhodesian and South African conflicts.

A lovely pile of Bases cut and sanded ready for terrain duty!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

More Goodies!!!

Postman dropped these two gems off to me today!
The core rulebook is an almighty tome and a tad daunting. Bushwars a was a little disappointed with. I was hoping for a bit more. 

To kick off this new project I made a board to suit.
Bit rough but it has grown on me and can't complain for $50 all up in building costs.

So not a huge update but I have more goodies on order so wait out.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Done and Done!

First of all id like to say, This is how I felt voting this morning :p


With that out of the way. Finished of the Butcher Bird this morning. Very happy with how it came out. Could probably use a little more tweeking but for now im happy. Also id like to say welcome and thankyou to my new followers. Hope you enjoy my work, all comments and criticism is welcome.


 A shot with some troops. The base is only temporary until the replacement flight stand arrives.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

WiP Janfiskaal

So just a quick progress report on my repaint. I'm very happy with the progress so far. Bit of a hoc cup with the primer not being left to set long enough, resulting in some nicks but was fixed easily enough. 

Next up is to detail and weather.


Edit- bit more