Monday, 10 June 2013

Progress is made!!

Did everyone watch the season finally of Game of Thrones? Amazeballs, thoroughly enjoyed it and with it ending the new season of Falling Skies beings FIZZZZZZZZZ.

This after noon I pretty much finished of my chieftains and swingfires. Took the pictures before the wet pigments went on. 
Still awaiting on another troop of chieftains from Qrf.

Got another troop of T80s primed and ready and the BHQ MTLB.

A nice yet tiny package arrived today!
My first of many 1/2400 modern naval ships. This is a Arleigh Burke class from CinC miniatures. Not to bad but soooooo tiny, took a pic next to a infinity model.
Primed and ready!

So that's it for the hobby side today. 
Watched Monsters Inc for the first time today with my 2 yr old son, he loved it. Not a bad movie at all.
Today was also the big E3 gaming announcements and WOWzers were they good!
PS4 looks to be the winner IMHO at this stage with Tom Clancy's "The Division" and Metal Gear Solid V being my highlights.

Hope everyone else had a nice day too.

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