Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cold War AAR

This weekend was my clubs monthly meet and I managed to convince someone to have a game with me.

First time using the excellent rules founding at Stopping the Red Tide blog.
We played 1100pts a piece soviet guards  Vs BAOR. Both tank lists with no infantry, or ass.

Command Chieftain
1 Troop 4 x chieftains 
2 scimitars
2 Swingfires

Soviet Guards
1 command T80
1 Platoon 3 x T80
2 Platoon 3 x T80

So game was pretty close. Came down to a slug fest with 2 x T80s slugging it out with 3 x chieftains. They went toe to toe or 2 rounds with no winner but the Brits held there objective and the game ended on turn 6. 

Rules were pretty tight, nice and fast. Only small thing I found was the FCC negating the +1 for shooting over 16 makes it easy to just want to hunker down. Perhaps a -1 for under 16 would encourage players to close in. 

So not a in depth AAR I'm sorry, I started typing one but was terribad. The pictures sum up what happened well.



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  1. Cheers for the Feed back Matt. I've been looking at the FCC rule and cannot get a good compromise. I think some testing of -1 under 16" might be a good call. Will look at it. Mike