Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cold War AAR

This weekend was my clubs monthly meet and I managed to convince someone to have a game with me.

First time using the excellent rules founding at Stopping the Red Tide blog.
We played 1100pts a piece soviet guards  Vs BAOR. Both tank lists with no infantry, or ass.

Command Chieftain
1 Troop 4 x chieftains 
2 scimitars
2 Swingfires

Soviet Guards
1 command T80
1 Platoon 3 x T80
2 Platoon 3 x T80

So game was pretty close. Came down to a slug fest with 2 x T80s slugging it out with 3 x chieftains. They went toe to toe or 2 rounds with no winner but the Brits held there objective and the game ended on turn 6. 

Rules were pretty tight, nice and fast. Only small thing I found was the FCC negating the +1 for shooting over 16 makes it easy to just want to hunker down. Perhaps a -1 for under 16 would encourage players to close in. 

So not a in depth AAR I'm sorry, I started typing one but was terribad. The pictures sum up what happened well.



Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Workbench

Hey all,
How is everyone's week going? We have had the worst weather this week so far, cold, wet and miserable. So some sweet lil beauty's arrived this week, more of QRFs modern goodness. This time US Armoured Cav. 
The Bradley's were a pleasure to assemble but the Abrams very very meh. I think I may upgrade these later to plastic A1s with 120mm boom sticks. 
Really really want to get my hands on some ITVs next too, such an awesome looking vehicle with the hammerhead TOW launcher. 

Another purchase this week was a order of Chinese destroyers off shapeways, fingers crossed they turn out all right.

So that's it from me or now, the coming two weeks I will be updated in a lot as I have a two week holiday from my normal all day duties.



My very happy son with his new present :p

Friday, 21 June 2013


We'll not sure they still fire broadsides :p

Finished off my first 2 1/2400 US ships today, very happy with how they turned out and I actually enjoyed the whole process. I think the bases really make the  ships come to life.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Flames table

Just got back from seeing World War Z( It was awesome go see it) and found the mail man had delivered my ebay package from Fat Frank. Check him out makes high quality terrain at unbeatable prices.
Fat Frank

So heres my table, Just needs a service station and some transmission towers.

And just in my finished Stryker and BTR90.

O and these 

13th Warrior

Kids had me up at 2 am this morning, they went back to sleep and I was left wide awake lol. Decided to watch 13th Warrior for the thousandth time, if your reading this and haven't watched it WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS PLEASE LEAVE :p

No really if you haven't seen do your self a favour and watch it ASAP. IMHO  It is the best Viking movie around, it ha a very grand and epic feeling to it.

As with most of my projects they are jump started by me reading or watching something. So here I go, bought this.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Toys for big boys

Whilst shopping yesterday I came across this cool looking toy tank for my son. Its a pretty good go at a stryker MGS. I wasn't in the beginning going to steal it but the more I looked at it the more it called to me. For $7.50 cant go wrong. Decided to try out a winter scheme ill be using for my upcoming US Cav.
So not yet finished but thought id share. Doing a BTR 90 at the same time.

Pin washed them this afternoon, will leave them to dry over night and start detailing/weathering next.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Not a whole lot of hobby done this weekend. Took the mrs out shopping a few times, pre ordered my PS4 and spent some quality time with the family. Sometimes it's like that, couldn't be stuffed doing any hobby just happy playing with the family.

The small bit that I did get done was after I finished doing the yard work. Nothing major just the visors and flocked the based. Will finish off the weapons this week and there done.

Picked up the D&D boar game, wife even said she'd play with me :p

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend too!

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Greetings fellow travellers!

What a day its been, a nice sunny day. We have had horrible weather of late and the laundry produced by two children immense! My Dad calls today to tell me he had a workplace accident and almost lost his fingers, He tells me this 4 days after the surgery to sew up nerves and arteries WTF DAD!

Ok enough of my domestic bliss :p Onto serious business of man dollies. Finished off today my Soviets which completes all the Cold War Armour I have until QRF send my 2 pending orders.
Very pleased with how the new camo turned out.
I'm hoping I can persuade a friend coming over for infinity to have a game!

Advancing towards the Rhine!


 Trying to squeeze it into the little space I have left.
 Brits Advancing to contact.

 Whats up next to paint.