Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Defcon One, Code Zebra Niner

Wow what an eventful few days.
My son has just started pre school, his been twice now. Bam comes down suddenly with pneumonia and has to be hospitalized poor bugger. Thank the gods  his on the mend now but blood hell!!

Anyways made a start on some other models enjoy.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Run silent run deep!!

Afternoon gents,
Change of plans. Flames of war have gone to a better place as well as Epic Blood angels. I rest easy in knowing they may be gone but there wars will carry on.

No to serious business. Got all the vents opened up on the Uboat and the hulls joined. Next up will be some gap filling an sanding. 

Was a dead set PITA but I think worth the effort. As this is my first model back not going to run with PE.

Had a look at what colours I have available in the inventory as well. 
The hull will be the colour second from the left the upper hull will be the mid grey 2nd from the right with the decking being the dark grey 3rd from the left. Lol confusing I know but will become clear and may change.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Das Boot

Over the next few months you will notice a change on this blog as my efforts shift to greener pastures. I will be finishing off my current wargaming projects Epic, Dystopian Wars and FoW. Once again I will be entering the wonderful world of scale modelling.
 To kick off the new venture I will be trying my hand at a 1/144 Uboat Type VIIIc and a beautiful 1/48 Beaufighter. 
Really want to go all out on these, trying all sorts of new weathering techniques.
I look forwar to the coming journey and hope you enjoy sharing it with me.

Finishing off heavy French flyers for Dwars

A quick paint job on a 1/1200 ship I had laying around. Still WiP
Powering through my Krieg

Playing FSA v2.0

My new haul

Sunday, 5 January 2014

In space no one can hear me ......

Made a gaming mat today so I can have a nice surface to play on at my club and mates house.
$37.99 for 6x4 black upholstery vinyl from spot line and some rattle can spray paints gave me this.