Thursday, 13 June 2013


Greetings fellow travellers!

What a day its been, a nice sunny day. We have had horrible weather of late and the laundry produced by two children immense! My Dad calls today to tell me he had a workplace accident and almost lost his fingers, He tells me this 4 days after the surgery to sew up nerves and arteries WTF DAD!

Ok enough of my domestic bliss :p Onto serious business of man dollies. Finished off today my Soviets which completes all the Cold War Armour I have until QRF send my 2 pending orders.
Very pleased with how the new camo turned out.
I'm hoping I can persuade a friend coming over for infinity to have a game!

Advancing towards the Rhine!


 Trying to squeeze it into the little space I have left.
 Brits Advancing to contact.

 Whats up next to paint.


  1. The Motherland is proud, nice looking tanks bro. Can't wait to see the finished sci fi dudes.

  2. Nice Tunguskas. Such a cool vehicle at any size.

    I will NOT be teaching my wife the phrase "man dollies", suffice to say. She would use it good naturedly, but... cuts like a knife, babe.