Tuesday, 8 July 2014

20k Milestone

We did it!

20000 Views in 2 years and 64 followers. Thankyou to everyone who visits my humble blog and reads my shocking grammar. Means a lot to me and gives me motivation when motivation is lacking.

Next 12 months.
Not sure what the next 12 months holds for me and my wargaming ways. Have to admit that the hobby of wargaming doesn't hold me as much as it once did. The amount of time and money ive put into the hobby in the last 2 years has been great and in all honestly ive played maybe 100 games in 2 years. So that works out to around $50-75 per game played. I know its poor form to look at it like that but focus changes and in hindsight I went on many un-wisets that I should have been smarter about.

So enough of that dribble. I plan to slowly work my through my big pile of scale models. Next up I feel like Chinese......
Also on the table at the moment im finishing up some Dystopian Wars models for a mate. When they are done im shifting back to the glorious realm of 15mm Sci-Fi.
Ive always had a big love for the 15mm stuff, the ranges are amazing and gives me the ability to pick and choose whatever I wish to play with. Rules will be gruntz and Tomorrows War. Funny thing is that my 15mm sci-fi stuff ive held onto longest. Everything else gathers dust or sits unused so I sell it off.

If your still reading this thanks again, hope to give you many more posts of entertainment.
Best regards

Sunday, 6 July 2014



Just wanted to bring some attention to a kickstarter being run by ClearHorizon Miniatures.
Now the aliens don't really interest me but let me state for the record the EXO suits get me well and truly Juicey!!!
Really cant wait to get some of these guys for a chance to game Edge of Tomorrow.

Heres the link, go check it out!

Kickstarer Link

Friday, 4 July 2014

Finished BTR80

Got it finished finally. Not 100% perfect but that ok, Just for my viewing not a show or anything.

Hope you like it.

More BTR-80

Got outside nice and early with the airbrush and hair dryer this morning. Put down yhe pre shade, base and cammo.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Snootchy Bootchy

Hey hey,
Long time no post right? So lately my wargaming mojo has hit rock bottom. Have managed to get in some games of pulp, FOW and dystopian wars here and there but as for painting zilch on the gaming front.
New shiney ps4 and many many novels have kept my interest as well as the usual family stuff. Kids have been crook again
Both the epic and dystopian wars french have gone by bys so my collection is rather thin at the moment. This prompted me to finish the BTR80.
The wife is on holidays at the moment so ive had ample time between family outings to get my ho on!
FOW ( not my models)
New American Dystopian fleet ive painted. 
Pulp, Darkest Africa ( not my models) 
Running gear was a PITA 
All ready for paint, Few mistakes. PE is so painful to work with. Left the tow ropes off.  
First coat of primer is on. Next up is pre-shading then a desert yellow base primer.