Monday, 30 September 2013

October already !!!!

Wow how time flies ey, Christmas draws nearer an I need to get cracking on clearin my pile of lead!

So been busy laterly painting some Infinity, Dystopian wars, working on terrain and getting side tracked playin mech warrior online. All this is in the slim amount of time I have for hobby when not chasing the kids around. 

Finally got a game of Dystopian wars in this weekend, been waiting 3 years and boy was I not Dissappointed. Such a fun game ha a blast playing it even though I got pantsed.

My African project is slowly gaining momentum with bits and pieces arriving in the mail. This beauty arrived today from Old Glory, the amount of pieces was mind boggling. The cast itself is a bit meh with some major pitting all over. But overall I'm happy.

K-Car with 20mm cannon

Angolan MPLA Troops.



  1. MPLA ! Nice !

    How are you going to paint those guys ?

    1. I'm thinking a mix of plain green, M63 Lizard and grey Lizard patterns.

  2. Ive tried Portugal lizard with mine but I ended either dark nad muddy or too bright (i decided for too bright looks finally)

    So i will look out for yours.

  3. WOW!!!!! Don't know if im going to be able to get mine anywhere near your standard. They look amazing. I think the brighter colours work better for 15mm, makes them pop more on the table.