Thursday, 5 September 2013

WiP Janfiskaal

So just a quick progress report on my repaint. I'm very happy with the progress so far. Bit of a hoc cup with the primer not being left to set long enough, resulting in some nicks but was fixed easily enough. 

Next up is to detail and weather.


Edit- bit more


  1. That looks sick Matt, awesome rendition.

  2. Thanks guys, Pretty happy with how the colours came out. Hoping the primer issues doesn't kill it. Has so much varnish on it that im hoping its sealed up tight.

  3. Very nice work, are you going to wash the panel lines too?

  4. Interesting ship with quite an unusual design; it's a bit reminiscent of the humpbacked, swivel-engine space ship "Betty" from "Alien: Resurrection". Your ruby red cockpit is well-done though it seems an odd colour. Perhaps it's an anti-laser protective coating?

  5. @Doug, Most definitely. Hopefully will have it all complete today!

    Was going for a anti reflection coating type look, like seen on weapon optics.
    Glad you like it though.