Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Modern Chain of Command AAR

Last night played the first game on the Ukraine table against my mate Panther (alias) and hosted by another mate Jason(who put on the greatest feed EVER). Jason has 2 excellent blogs here Vietnam COC and Somalia CoC.
The set up being a Russian Airborne platoon minus was probing the outskirts of a city in the east of Ukraine. The Ukrainians in turn were tasked with patrolling in response to the threat. Not very in depth at the moment but was a first game and wanted to see how the table played.
Bare with me im not the best reporter.

Force Org

Elite: 2 Squads: +6
Dice: 5 +1 Different coloured counting 1-4 only
Platoon Commander: Senior Leader with an AR
Platoon 2ic: Senior Leader with an AR
2 x RPG22 per squad
Squads 1-2
Squad Commander, Junior Leader with an AR & UGL
Fire team 1
2 x Riflemen with AR
Fire team 2
Team Leader with an AR
1 x RPG (3 Rounds) and AR
1 x Riflemen AR & UGL
1 x Riflemen AR
Elite Sniper
Regular: +4
2 Squads: -1
Dice: 5
Platoon Commander: Senior Leader with an AR
Platoon 2ic: Senior Leader with an AR
Squads 1-3
1 x Squad Commander, Junior Leader with an AR
Fire team 1
1 x Riflemen with AR
Fire team 2
1 x Team Leader with an AR
1 x Riflemen with AR
1 x Riflemen with AR & UGL
1 x RPG (3 Rounds) and AR
BMP2 with Junior Leader a 2 crew.

All Infantry are counted as having body armour which counts as light cover.

The Scenario we played. 
I rolled a 1 for starting sector and Panther rolled a 3.

The board Layout. The S-300 system in the park is just for looks. Was a new kit i built that day and wanted to show it off.

Patrol phase.
I went first. We both aggressively pushed across the board.

As you can see we both managed a jump off point in each sector.
 I am the red JOPs Panther is the blue.
 My first turn had me roll double 6s allowing me retain next turn and deploy my whole force to the table  minus the sniper.
My first Sqd deploying in cover with the Platoon SGT. Immediately going on over-watch.

 Second Squad deploying with the Platoon Commander in the park.

 Immediately going on over-watch and now over to Panther.

 Panther deploys one of his squads into this Building and goes on over-watch.

 Another Squad deploys behind a shop, out of sight.

 His last Sqd deploys into the third floor of this industrial building him, Giving him goo arcs of fire.

 And goes onto Over-watch. Back to me.

 My sniper deploys into a house and finds prey.
 Old mate should have been scanning his arcs of responsibility....
 My first sqd attempts to Tactical move up to the hedge but i cock it up and throw a 1.
 My second sqd opens up on Panthers troops inflicting casualties and shock.
 I decided to try and take some early kills with my RPG22s. Unfortunately i rolled snake eyes twice.
 Panthers troops on over-watch failed to return any meaningful fire. Over to Panther.
 The moment i dreaded, Panthers support arrives on table.
 The BMPs formidable weaponry sighting upon my squad hunkered down.

 The 30mm Auto cannon is brutal and inflicts heavy casualty on my second sqd.
 In my next turn i finally make it up to the hedge.
 And proceed in decimating Panthers Squad in the building.
 In Panthers turn he rolls up the BMP and inflicts firth carnage on my second sqd. He also Move one of his infantry sqds into the cover of a shop.( As the buildings do not have interiors we simply placed figure on top)
 The 1st fire team of 2nd sqd is whittled down to the Seco alone. Boss man is still holding frim behind them.
 My turn again and i roll a double 6 to take the following turn as well.
My platoon SGT pushes the 1st sqd across the street.
 In my next turn they push up the flank.

Unfortunately from here on a got too caught up in the game and didn't take any more shots.
But in summary Panther reduced the 2nd sqd to a single man who after surviving the onslaught was pretty much out of the game. My platoon commander legged it deeper into the park.
In Panthers turn he tried shifting his forces over to the flank i was on. My sniper stayed elusive and managed to kill Panthers platoon commander. 
By now Panther was down to 6 moral points. My first sqd assaulted and engaged Panthers stubborn Platoon SGT who was hiding in the building. A bloody affair that cost me 2 men but in the end the valiant SGT fell. I retained the next turn and unleashed a volley of combined RPG 7 & 22 into the ass of his BMP which carried the day for the Russians.
Again i apologies for the lack of late game pictures and my patchy reporting skills.

Overall was a thoroughly enjoyable game. The table played well and forces seemed about right. The Russians managed to tag team a sqd and wipe it, If panther had of done this to my sqds early on the outcome would probably be different.
The BMP was definitely a very real threat and as it should be to infantry, but unsupported as in real life it was overwhelmed by infantry with AT weapons.

Cheers for reading and hopefully have some more AARs soon, of better quality too.


  1. Great game report- only just started playing CoC these past few weeks so it is good to seea moderns version of it.



    1. Glad you liked it. Fairly new to it myself, FoF used to be my go to rules. Definetly prefer coc now though.

    2. CoC definitely has an elegance that FoF lacks. Theres an ebb and flow to the battles, where FoF can just end up being a giant clusterfuck of action and counteraction.

    3. Yep, that was my groups main gripe. When you get more than one squad engaged as well as overwatch reactions just becomes a huge shit fight.

  2. Thanks for the report - we had great times back in the day with CoC ported over to the modern period. Very fun, dynamic system and just the right scale for my tastes.

    1. Yep i love love the general mechanics i think some of it strays a little into the wanting to be a simulation grey area though. Not a huge fan of the vehicle interactions. I also wish Too Fat Lardies were a bit more reliable too.