Friday, 4 November 2016

20mm Suburbia

Work on my current project continues to roll ahead at a steady pace. This week i had a crack at making some fences and hedges myself.

Quick trip to Bunnings for supplies and i began work.
40mm nails into MDF for posts and fly screen for the chain link.

Was a bit worried about how tall i had made the fences but a short trim to bring the mesh in line with the nails and they came out sweet.

Flocked and good to go.

Hedge production line. Scourers, Spray adhesive and flock.

All the separate parts brought together look quite good i think.

Bottom of this pic is the area where i plan to place an Industrial type building, i just through down some craters for the pic.

That is all for now. Three buildings and some modern street scatter terrain still on the way.


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