Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hurry Hurry!!!!

G'day g'day,
In a bit of a mad rush at the moment to have the table ready to go as well as two platoons of  figures by Tuesday the 15th!
Crazy right?
The reason being we plan to use the table on Tuesday night for the first time to run a modified Chain of Command rule set.
Very very keen to see how the table plays out, Cover field of fire etc.

Assembled 2 Metcalfe HO buildings in the last few days, A industrial set and an Inn. Both beautiful kits. The instruction and kit in general was worlds better than the Superquick kits. Really easy to follow and build was a breeze.
The other kit i received was a Chinese plastic kit which of the top of my head cost me $22 posted i think. Needs a lick of paint but was a pleasure to build( literally took 2 minutes).

Enough from me for now. Will post a full game debrief on Wednesday.

Cheers Matt

The new industrial kit, Excellent value.

I think its looking great if i should say so my self.

The new Inn kit

Nice little rear courtyard are of the inn.

Chinese ebay kit.

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