Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Taking Flight

Not a hugely proactive week so far but I did recieve some goodies in the mail.
The trees for my african board. Though not perfect or realistic they do the job.

Secondly this awesome flight stand from Armaments in Miniature, very pleased with this item and te service provided in general. Some decals came with the stand too so will get them done this weekend. 

That's all for now, hope all your weeks are going well.


  1. Very nice looking table. Flight stand definitely gives the Helo some much needed height.

  2. Looks great. where did you get the trees from?

  3. Really nice mate, how stable is the chopper when the stand is extended? It looks damn cool, I'd just be paranoid about it tipping over easily.

  4. Thanks guys!
    Trees are off Ebay from China.
    Magos the stand actually as holes cut in the base for weights to be added. 5 cent pieces fit perfectly and I added 50c worth. The stand itself is very stable, it came with a nice powerful magnet installed already.

  5. Nice terrain !

    Although I prefer my locals huts to be more primitive.. I haven't build any yet..
    And yours could work in many different roles.

    Trees are great. Ive got palm tree set off ebay and I am happy with them. But I will have to look for those like yours !