Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Olifant & Eland

Good Hump day to you,
Boiling hot outside today so didn't tarry for long. Quickly banged out these two with a bit of colour mod. Next up will be the filter which will tie it all in.



  1. Nice color !
    Who made the models ?

  2. Ah i missed your last post..

    Bloody Peter Pig refuses to send anything to my country other than Courier service with price tag of minimal postage of 35 pounds attached.. ;/

  3. All the world loves the Centurion! Including the South African variant! 35 pounds? Must be a tough part of the world.

  4. Bloody Poland.. I live only 1500 km from them..
    And had absolutely no problem with any other company shipping.
    Peter Pig just hate me..

    We tried to combine shopping to spread those 35pund tag, but then they told us that for such amount of stuff shipping tag goes up to 80 pounds.. Insane..