Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Trafalgar, First game.

Yesterday i ran a game of Trafalgar for my mates. This was the first outing for my 1/1200 ships ive worked on this year.
Was a simple action with 2 3rd rate ships aside. I have to say i am rather pleased with how the rule set played out. Im no sailor or rivet counter so im probably more easily please. Yes there is a bit of gaminess with saving throws but there is enough flavour of the period for my liking too.
I read alot of people are unhappy with the wind mechanics and I was told to leave it out but against their advice we played as written and found we enjoyed it.
Few mistakes here and there on my behalf but have reread those after the action, so hopefully next game will run smoother.

Some pics of the action below.

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