Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 and the year to come

Happy new year everyone!!!
Hope everyone had a good night. Today is a new day and the start of what im hoping to be a productive hobby year.
The year just gone was probably the biggest lull in gaming ive had since a teenager. Somewhat self imposed exile and somewhat by exterior factors. But enough of that, lets look back on what was achieved.

Start of the year saw me paint up a In her majesties name skirmish force. Based this force on the Film Ghost and the Darkness. Sadly like alot of failed adventures they were sold after a single outing on the table. These are sadly missed, i was pretty chuffed with how they turned out.

Next up i painted up a small Qin Chinese army for Sword and spear. Again these only saw a single outing on the table before i moved them on. A failed project from the start that i never completely had my heart in. I believe this was the project that burnt out my hobby mojo.

1/1200 Age of sail.
Now heres a project i love dearly. I still in fact own all of these and they had there first outing recently. I painted and built these forces alongside reading Patrick O'Brien's famous Aubrey Novels. Hands down greatest series of books i have ever read. I am currently at book 18 and plan to read them again when finished. Hobby wise i still have 2 French 74s to paint up which i will get onto soonish. These definitely will not be leaving my possession.

My Modern Chain of Command project.
This project kind of heralded my return to wargaming. The idea popped into my head and i went straight at it! Not sure how i feel about it, not sure i will continue on with it, let alone keep it. For now it is out of sight out of mind.

18mm Napolenic Russians. After a mis start earlier in the year i have finally started this project. Not sure if its going anywhere but hey it has my focus. Its funny becasue i have sat on these figures for the best part of a year without selling them. Hopefully it is a project i will finish.

So that sums up the main projects for the year.
There were a few projects that never really got of the ground: 6mm naps, Warmachine, 6mm moderns. For whatever reasons these all kind of lost steam before truly getting under way.

Looking forward.
This year i will be focusing alot on my health and fitness, trying to bring some balance to my life.
In the first quarter i plan of finishing a Napoleonic army. After that Age of sail is begging for completion. As ive mentioned not sure if i will continue the 20mm kick.
On one hand i would like to do up a few different modern army's like French, US, Chinese and Australians. But on the other hand i have to ask myself "Is it a fools errand?", we shall see anyway.
Course is set and the first day of 2017 is off to a good start.

Thank you for taking time to browse blog, i do truly appreciate it.


  1. I'm impressed at the variety of scales and periods! All the best for 2017

  2. Some beautiful work there, man. Hope we see more in 2017, there's some inspirational stuff there!