Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ukrainian BMP-2

Quick update with what ive been up to.
Finished my first Russian squad, only 3 to go!
Yesterday i started building the ACE 1/72 BTR-80A kit. Wow, what a peice of shit. Ive built some real doozies before but it takes the cake. I binned it but on second thoughts i shoukd of kept the hull for a bit of scenery.

Now i was pretty bummed after that  and listed my other ace kits for sale. But after reading some reviews i decided to try the revised bmp2 kit and was plesantly suprised.
Good fits looks alright for wargaming, crap instructions though.

Gave it a quick paintjob this morning. Far from finished and not as good as id like as my airbrush decided to die.

Anyway till next time.


  1. I'm pretty wary of ACE kits myself but your BMP2 has come out well.

    Great work on the Little Green Men too.



    1. Cheers.
      Id read a few mixed reviews about them. The BMP was worlds better the the BTR but still not without fault.