Thursday, 13 October 2016

Superquick 20mm Buildings

Guten Tag!

Been extremely productive this week even though i feel like a steamed turd. Still working on my board and have begun the process of filling it out.
To begin with im using these Superquick HO-OO scale card buildings. They are cheap as shit($15-20 AUD) per building or for the small buildings you get 2 per pack!

The builds are pretty straight forward. Wouldn't say they are hard just more a pain in the ass. I learnt a valuable lesson today when constructing the two small buildings, Weather!
The large building i built on a warm day and it was a breeze, nice and quick good bonds with the pva. Today was wet and a nightmare, PVA wasn't drying quick enough and joins were springing open. So  ill be waiting for another sunny day to continue the other buildings.
Instructions are pretty dismal but if you have some grey matter shouldn't be a problem.

My first selection. Looking at 3-4 buildings per 2x2 tile. So only 14-20 left to buy haha.

Based on 3mm MDF. Still needs the dirt painted and some flowers etc.

 I opted to leave the chimmneys off all the buildings, I figure natural gas etc. Also im lazy.

Next to some 1:72 Matchbox cars

Cheers for stopping by, till next time.

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