Thursday, 3 July 2014

Snootchy Bootchy

Hey hey,
Long time no post right? So lately my wargaming mojo has hit rock bottom. Have managed to get in some games of pulp, FOW and dystopian wars here and there but as for painting zilch on the gaming front.
New shiney ps4 and many many novels have kept my interest as well as the usual family stuff. Kids have been crook again
Both the epic and dystopian wars french have gone by bys so my collection is rather thin at the moment. This prompted me to finish the BTR80.
The wife is on holidays at the moment so ive had ample time between family outings to get my ho on!
FOW ( not my models)
New American Dystopian fleet ive painted. 
Pulp, Darkest Africa ( not my models) 
Running gear was a PITA 
All ready for paint, Few mistakes. PE is so painful to work with. Left the tow ropes off.  
First coat of primer is on. Next up is pre-shading then a desert yellow base primer. 


  1. I've discovered the hard way myself that family and painting just don't mix. With one kid I'd get a few minutes a day... with two it's more like a few minutes a week. It's literally taking me a WEEK just to clean up a few 15mm Hell Divers troops and glue them to bases. No lie. It's just the way it is.

    So I'd say you're doing pretty well overall. Looking forward to seeing the APC when it's finished :)

  2. Yeah when the wifes on holidays a get alot more time to hobby on. Normally im lucky to steal a few minutes here and there.

  3. That pulp game looks interesting!

  4. Was a lot of fun. King of the hill style scenario using Her majesties secret service rules by osprey.