Monday, 16 June 2014

Book Review

Greetings all.
Today doing somwthing a little different and would like to give a quick review on a new artbook purchase. I purchase a fair few artbooks for myself and this one is fantastic.

TITANS: Heroic visions of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

First off I am a massive comic book nerd so im a little biased. That aside this is an artbook with work from Boris and Julie bell with all the subject matter exclusively comic book heros.

Boris vallejo is well known for his fantastic work depicting the human body. Ive only recently come across his work and wow mind blown. Pretty much all his ladies and men have a classical body builder type physic, not the rubbish X proportions of now days. 

The book itself I picked up on ebay for $15. Comes as a hardcover with dust jacket. Pictures and works vary from full page to a few images per page. each picture has a small caption which I mostly ignored because the artwork really does speak for itself. Not a small book either at well over a 100 pages. Although below ive taken a few snaps of mostly women the book is fairly balanced between the sexes.

Conclusion: 5 out of 5 grumpy cats from me. An absolute must for any comic bool fan. And I highly recommend to anyone who loves fantasy art his anatomical drawings are amazing.

So first book review brief but really wanted to highlight this book as I loved it.

Cheers for reading

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