Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Scratch building

I'm in love with the film Elysium.
I've decided I'm going to try and scratch build the raven gunship from the films in 15mm. First scratch build ever, should be fun or a disaster!

The Raven

Knocked up the basic shape this arvo, it's quick rough and pretty crap at the moment. As I go along hopefully it takes shape. I plan to bulk it out in foam board then clad it in plasticard. From there ill use milliput to smooth it out and if need be cast it my self. The plan anyway.

Also picked up this bad boy for my 15mm scifi.



  1. Whoa, those are beautiful!

  2. The foam wasn't going to work unless you used a sprayfoam inside a vacformed hull - sorry to say.

    I'll have to dig out some of my older FX workshop practice stuff (bunch of guys in the farscape shop made SF models from scratch as a hobby, and there was both a brainstrust kind of thing and a teacher/student thing).

    I only ever half finished "The American" (from the second Dark Horse "Aliens" comic run) but it was/is balsa underneath a plasticard shell. I'll be making something like the cargo/command pod from District9 using this method, though.