Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Man Flu Update!

So 2 weeks in and man fly has reared it's ugly head again. I'm dying.

The scratch build operation was a complete and utter failure. The clay hardened, cracked and ripped open the foam board. Think I might cut my losses and accept I'm no artist.

Got a sweet doubles game in of FoW using the new Atlantik Wall book. I used a 21st panzer list. We faced 2 forces from the overlord book and let me say naval gunfire is rude and so cheesy. King Tiger dies first time hit. Germans still won the day!

Had hoped to work on my coldwar forces only to find all the BMPs from QRF have snapped barrels FML. Will have to scratch build some now.

Brings me to now, here's a quick pick of the little hobby I got done whilst dying from man flu blues.



  1. Stop dying! The world needs more wargamers! Nice looking Commie guns, are they the 152mm?

    1. I'm tryin I'm tryin!

      They are German 10.5cm guns.
      Also on the desk is a Yu Jing remote and a 1/1200 HMS Victory.

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  3. Reposting, made a derp typo.
    Anyway, hope you don't die mate, but if you do, at least you know a good undertaker :P
    Hope to see more beautifully painted models soon bro.

  4. From my Military days Man flu is for pussies...The really bad "I think I'm dying colds" are called Man-thrax, if you've got that then I am truly sympathetic.

  5. Hahaha, it was a dreaded case that would be on the ebola end of the spectrum. In the clear now and smashing way the hobby!!!