Saturday, 30 June 2018

Alpha-strike, Battle for City 16!

Greetings fellow travelers!
Something different today, A battle report!!!! shock horror i played a game! Jokes aside had a great game with my son, he had a blast so im happy too.

Its 3043, The 1st company Gray Death Legion find themselves pulling a short term garrison contract on Cassias.

What should have been an easy bit of cash between serious deployments turns nasty when an alarms sounds from City 16.
Early reports indicate The Draconis Combines Legion of Vega have hit the outskirts of the city and are pushing in on the commercial district. The legion reacts........

My sons force consists of 2 Lances Legion of Vega
Heavy Lance

  • Atlas AS7-D
  • Marauder MAD-3R
  • Catapult K2
  • Dragon DRG-5N
Light Lance

  • Jenner JR7-D
  • Assassin ASN-21
  • Panther PNT-9R
  • Spider SDR-5K
I took 2 lances Grey death legion
Heavy Lance

  • Rifleman RFL-3N
  • Marauder MAD-3R
  • Wolverine WVR-6R
  • Shadow hawk SHD-2H
Light Lance
  • Griffin GRF-1N
  • Phoenix hawk PXH-1
  • Locust LCT-3V
  • Locust LCT-3V

For ease of play both forces were rated as regular.
We rolled and selected sides, forces were deployed and my son won initiative.

Grey death Heavy (GDL) lance moves off using the commercial district to shield themselves. The light lance sprints out aiming to catch a Draconis(Drac) flank and bin them in place.
Seems the Drac commander was of similar thoughts and almost mirrored the move with the exception of peeling of his Marauder to support his light forces flanking move.

As both heavy units catch a glimpse of one another they trade ineffectual fire.

Seems the Drac commander was of similar thoughts and almost mirrored the move with the exception of peeling of his Marauder to support his light forces flanking move.

The two GDL Locusts sped ahead thinking the way to be clear only to come face to face with a well positioned Drac light lance.

In the back ground both GDL griffin and Phoenix pummel the Drac Assassin. Suprisingly the mech withstands the withering fire and refuses to fall.

GDL and Drac heavy units clash. The Wolverine and Dragon like two punch drunk fighters go toe to toe, both refusing to give in.....

GDL Rifleman and Shadow hawk fail to damage the lumbering Atlas.

GDL locusts have realized the dire situation they are facing and have tried to break out only to find themselves surrounded. On the other side of the city the GDL rifleman and Shadow hawk have moved up to face the Atlas.

The Drac Assassin opens his comms channel screams "BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!" and rushes into the crushing GDL fire.

Drac k2 finds itself in a compromising situation.

GDL and Drac light trade blows both losing a mech.

After witnessing the blazing inferno his lance mate became the remaining Locust peels off hoping to regroup, Drac forces hot on his heels.

After much dancing around one another the GDL wolverine finally goes down...

Having put down the kamikaze Assassin GDL Griffin and Phoenix hawk move up and rain long range shots on the Atlas.

After taking a solid beating from the GDL heavies the Atlas like David and Goliath is brought down by the lowly locust!

Unfortunately after losing his wingman the GDL Marauder finds himself in a tight spot....
From which he never recovers.

GDL fighting for survival lose another mech as the Drac lights and still fresh Marauder throw themselves into the fray!

The rifleman whom already took a savaging from the Atlas goes down under concentrated Drac fire.

The Legion of Vega commander orders the remaining GDL mech surrounded before offering terms.
So the world of Cassias falls to the Draconis Combine and the poor Gray Death Legion took a frightful beating but hopefully in time they will recover.

There you have it hope you enjoyed my awful commentary(im no writer lol). Really enjoyed the game too, few times looked like it might swing either way. All up took maybe 90minutes with lots of rule checking but in the future with more games will speed up and will add another lance in.

Cheers for reading 

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  1. Great battle report! Been playing Battletech with my own son, and looking at giving Alpha Strike a try. Love the old school mechs, and terrain looks great!