Friday, 4 May 2018

Busy beaver!!!!!

Greetings and salutations!!!
I have been on something of a painting kick at the moment, which might have something to do with the fact my days of lording it round the home as "Man of the Manor" are coming to an end. Back into the daily grind for me which means my painting time will be scarce.
Started off with my Bolt Action Italian Paras, These guys were so much fun to paint. The sculpts were lovely and i think they turned out alright. Next up i smashed out my Davion mechs that ive been sitting on for soooooo long. This may have been because of the new Battletech game which has tickled my Battletech fetish with all kinds of hnnnnggggggg. Anyway thats all for now, hope you like my work.



  1. whoah, those mechs are awesome! I've also been playing the new BT game, but couldn't find sculpts that matched the in-game designs. Where did those come from?