Sunday, 18 March 2018

Bolt Action Italians

Have not posted for a while but i have indeed been busy. Finished  my first big batch of Italian infantry and 2 supporting armoured units. The Autoblinda i actually had to redo until settling on this finished product. The camo originally went for was terribad. Pretty happy with how it all turned out. Should be an attractive force on the table. All i have left to paint is a truck and 2 more blobs of infantry.



  1. Very nice, I have just discovered your blog.

    I am starting an Italian army as well and like very much what you did on your vehicles.

    What decided you to make an Italian army? It kind of have nothing going for it :)

    1. Hey thankyou. Two things really, 1) They are different from all the usual armies you see on the table and have some very nice quirky looking vehicles 2) Captain Corelli's Mandolin the film is amazing!