Friday, 20 October 2017

Avenger air support WIP

Started working on another air support unit for my marines. The FW Imperial Navy Avenger. Love this model, very brutal looking. MY paint scheme inspiration is a ww2 Bf109 which i think will fit the air frame nicely.
Build was the usual when working with resin, lots of filling and sanding and at the end left still shaking ones head.
Moving ahead with the paint a mate reminded me of the black basing technique to try over my usual preshade. Black basing is Where you start from black and work up the colour and shadows with a patch layer first rather then starting with grey and adding shadows afterwards. Its supposed to give a more natural look to the paint. Im happy with how it has come out. Wasn't that much more work then normal if anything i found it a little easier.

Edit 22/10 : Rather then make a new post ive added the upadated pictures of work i did this morning.

More to come later.

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