Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Blucher First Game!

Hope everyone is well, At the moment my side of the world is suffering from a heat wave. It is Filthy!! 36c at 730am is balls and kills my painting plans. Its 40c at the  moment.

Last night played my first game of Blucher. Jason my opposite was using his newly purchased French army and i just stuck with cards.
Must say both Jason and I are very taken with the rules. Early days yet but we both thoroughly enjoyed the rules system. It flowed nicely, the rules weren't overly complex but quite a lot of strategy and forward thinking was needed.
We played a 200pt game with 2 MO dice rather than 3 and still manged to activate most of our units each turn.
Although i was defending objectives i decided to play aggressive early on with a large flanking maneuver. Unfortunately i blunted my teeth early and Jason rolled up on my forces.

Not a brilliant write up i know but just wanted to share some quick thoughts on the system and pictures, everyone loves a picture right? As we gain more experience in Blucher i may do some proper AARs.


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