Sunday, 17 April 2016

Land Ahoy!!

Not a lot to report on the hobby front since my last post. Haven't been in the painting fever as much. I have painted up some islands for Trafalgar. Nothing too flash just quick and easier. There is a 5th larger island yet to come im just waiting on some buildings for it. Obviously i wont use them all in a game but i at least have some variation to choose from.
Up to book 10 of the master and commander series, god i love them. If you haven't read the series i cant recommend them enough. Hands down my favorite book series of any genre.
Have also started watching Sharpe which is giving me an itch to paint up a 15mm British Napoleonic army. I really know i shouldn't as i still need to finish off the Chinese. Will sleep on it a few days.
The last of my Qin Chinese have arrived, once i have finished painting the 4 french ships they may get some love.


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