Thursday, 4 June 2015

All systems nominal

Been awhile since ive done a some wargaming stuff on here. After playing a lot of MWO recently ive been inspired to start painting some Battletech figures up for Alphastrike.
If you've followed my previous work youll know ive done Battletech before and the rules wernt really my cup of tea. Waaaaaaaayyyyy to much book keeping. Alphastrike on the other hand looks like a winner, simplified and no where near as much book work.
So, have started small with only a handful of mechs and will slowly build up a nice size force. Planning on doing Clan Jade Falcon and the 10th Lyran Guard.

Here we have 2 x madcats, a maddog, victor, atlas, cataphract and Yen lo weng.

I also finished the Typhoon class submarine.



  1. Cool, who produces thosem iniatures ??

    They look very good.

  2. Where, oh where does one aquire such wonderful toys?

  3. Secret rebel base rumoured to be in the Hoth system.