Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Epic Necrons FOR SALE

So the sale on these fell through.
There loss your gain.

Selling my completely painted Epic Necron Force.
Won Best Painted at Castle Assault 2014.
Includes a Black army bag with foam trays. Can include the display board pictured but postage will increase as it will have to be sent separately.
Pick up available from Central coast NSW

3 Necron warrior Phalanx's ( 6 stands per formation)
4 stands of pariahs
4 stands of Immortals
6 Tomb Spider Stands
6 Heavy Destroyer stands
3 Pylons
6 Obelisks
6 Monoliths
1 Nightbringer Ctan
1 Necron Orb Harvester Engine
1 Tomb complex
2 Objective markers

Asking $500AUD+Postage

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