Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Force on Force: Vietnam

Had my Tuesday night game last night. Was an absolute blast, we visited FOF Vietnam.
Cracker of a game. We played 3 on 1, so 3 of us controlled 2 fire teams with 1 person playing the VC. Despite all the trash talking and shouts of "Mi caca dau" the game played very quickly, 8 turns in 3 hrs. Anzacs took a win in the end but realistically we were just getting our heads round the rules and familiarizing 2 new players with the system.
Sorry no flash AAR but just some happy snaps throughout the game.

Sweep and Clear - Scenario

Scenario Information

Duration of Game: 8 Turns
Initiative: Asymmetric – ANZACS have Initiative for the duration of the game
Fog of War: Determined normally by Reaction Test rolls
Table Size: 6’x4’

Take control of the village, and prevent any possible escape or reinforcements via the exit tracks.

Each VC Unit broken or destroyed +1
Each VC Leader killed or captured +1
Village under control +15
Both Trail Exits under control +15

Deploy within 6’ of long table edge.

Confidence Level: Confident
Supply Level: Abundant
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D8
3 x Rifle Squads
Off table medium mortars available from turn after an ANZAC unit is involved in a fire fight.
Huey ‘Slick’ Support Available from Turn 5 Onwards.
Pylon Attack Med. Support (AP: 4/AT:0) Armour 3D8
Napalm Bombing run available from Turn 8.
Napalm strikes were devastating and fearsome. Napalm canisters could be dropped by fast burners or ground support aircraft to virtually purge an area of all life and deny that area to the enemy until the resulting fires abated. The canisters tumbled as they struck, bounding across the countryside to spread a long swath of flaming fuel.
While most Napalm strikes would cover the average sized playing area, smaller bombs and hits from the edge of a napalm blast can be represented on the table. Once a player has nominated a target unit and made rolls to contact the delivery aircraft, the attacking player rolls a 8D10 Firepower attack against the target unit. The defending unit may not count any Defense dice other than its model total. Cover and armor are ignored. All units, friend or foe, within 10" of the target unit are also hit by an 6D10 attack.
Additionally, all areas of jungle, woods, elephant grass, or manmade structures (other than brick or concrete buildings) within 10" of the target unit are ignited. Any units in burning terrain must immediately move evacuate in a direction away from the enemy. Any units that have all their models wounded in an ignited area are considered KIA and are removed from terrain.
All terrain features hit by napalm become impassable for two turns following the attack. Buildings burn for a single turn before collapsing and are removed from the tabletop.
All NVA/VC units actually struck by the napalm attack are automatically Pinned. All units other units in the force must make a morale check or suffer a Pinned result as well.
Each napalm strike uses two napalm canisters/bombs. Once all of its napalm canisters have been expended, an aircraft may make no further napalm strikes.
Defend village and exit trails.

Each ANZAC soldier captured +4
Each ANZAC soldier killed +2
Each ANZAC soldier seriously wounded +1
Village under control +15
Both Trail Exits not under ANZAC control +15

Deploy anywhere outside 12” of ANZAC deployment edge.
VC Basic Attributes

Confidence Level: Confident
Supply Level: Poor
Troop Quality/Morale: D6/D8
Booby Trap cards D6+2

3 x VC Squads
1x Leader w/AK
1x Gunner w/RPG (Med. Support, AP:2/AT:1-M)
4x Rifleman w/AK

2 x VC Squads
1x Leader w/AK
5x Rifleman w/AK

VC Support Squad
DShK Team
1x Leader w/AK
1x Gunner w/12.7mm DShK HMG (Hvy. Support AP:3/AT:1)
1x Assistant Gunners w/AK
VC Reinforcements
Insurgency level 4
Do not roll until VC unit is involved in a fire fight.  The VC player rolls a D6 and consults the Reinforcement Table.

Main Force VC are Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D8
1 - 1D6 VC w/AKs, 1x Leader
2 - 1D6 VC w/AKs, 1 x Leader and 1x RPK Gunner
3 - 1D6 VC w/AKs, 1x Leader, 1x RPG
4 - 1D6 Main Force VC w/AKs, 1x Leader
5 - 1D6 Main Force VC w/AKs, 1 x Leader and 1x RPK Gunner
6 - 1D6 Main Force VC w/AKs, 1 x Leader and 1x RPG

Beautiful terrain.
 Anzac Patrol advances through the jungle.

 Must have a refreshing beverage.
 Anzac patrol advances through elephant grass with the sneaking VBC deploying booby traps and wounding 2 diggers.
 Another patrol loses a man to a toe biter booby trap, diggers best be getting there head in the game now!
 "CONTACT!" Aussie patrol spots VC ahead.

 The well trained and equipped Aussies make short work of there foe!
 A risky gamble dashing through the open!
 Diggers pushing around the flank, an objective in sight!
 VC reinforce through a spider hole.
 The right flank is starting a big push!

 The push is very successful aussies bag a objective.
 Left flanks turn to bring the pain!
 The bossman failing to bring in his arty :(  (we forgot the aussie reroll rule)
 None the less I make quick work of the flank next turn
 To top it all off I napalm my own troops