Sunday, 29 December 2013

The end is nigh!!!

End of the year that is!!

Just a quickly howdy and check out my shit post!
Mrs is off so I'm maximizing my hobby time. Getting a bit done quickly and also been playing a lot of dystopian wars.


Second battleship


Epic Russ's

Epic shakers

My 2014 painting list
need to finish in 2014

a) Marines
b) Neo soviets
c) South African Mercs

15mm Historical
a) FOW 21st Panzergrenadiers
b) South Aftrican Paratroopers
c) SWAPO/MPLA troops
d) Cold War Soviet airborne force
e) Cold War British

a) Dark elf warband

Epic Armageddon
a) Blood Angels
b) Death Korp of Krieg
c) Titan Legion

Firestorm Armada
a) Sorylians
b) Directorate

Dystopian Wars
a) French fleet
b) Chinese fleet

Battlefleet Gothic
a) Imperial fleet

Finished this arvo.


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