Monday, 15 July 2013

The Mail Man

God I love it when the mail man arrives, it's like Christmas every time.
So didn't do as much hobby over the holidays as I thought I would. During the days I was enjoying spending time with my family and at night I was deep into reading Red Mars and cuddling the wife watching movies. 
I'm 95% finished my FoW horde of infantry (thank god) then ill be onto my next projects. 
Ill leave these here as a taste.

Hope your all well

Ps Pacific Rim was F***ing EPIC


  1. Nice haul, nice board, and yeah, Pacific Rim... FIZZZZ
    Makes me want to play Monsterpocalypse.

  2. Totally off topic, but enjoy "Red Mars". It's the start of an amazing trilogy.

  3. Finished it already, was an awesome book. Have started green mars which I read when I was 13, didn't sink in then but enjoying it this time through.