Sunday, 21 February 2021

printer go brrrrrrrrrr

Sorry for the long delay. Easier to just post on FB, insta or rededit. Shocking i know. I wonder if the days of blogger are past?
Anyhooooo, been busy with work. Snatching hobby time when i can, rotsting between printing and painting. 
My resin printer has me wondering if GWs days are numbered? Cost me $4 to print what GW charges me $84.
Not much else to say just a big photo dump.
If your still following me, cheers appreciated!

Finished the Minotaur.
New resin printer. Game changer!
FDM printed reaver
Legit FW xmas pressie.
China man goodness!
Resin printed Imperator titan for Adeptus Titanicus.
Resin big E

Start of my Resin printed Black Templar Primaris army.


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  2. The real question is where you're getting the files?